www.turayamoya.de, mail:karenthastum@hotmail.com


born 1963 i Aabenraa, Denmark

Media artist working with site-specific sound and Projection Art.

KTs site-specific concerts and installations uses analogue (slides) in combination with digital media and sound.
KT also work as a composer an Musician (CL / VOC / PNO ). She is a gifted still photographer and made several documentary

and Art films that have won international awards. In 1988 Karen founded the cross disciplinary Nordic, German and international Art project

TURA YA MOYA which she has since headed; ÒThe site of the performance- a planetarium, a church, an old ruin - is the base of inspiration.

By the use of slides, film and video projected onto surfaces and walls and new music TURA YA MOYA is crossing borderlines between Art Forms.Ò 

KT often seeks inspiration for her work in the original art, and in the history of the Scandinavian countries al well as in Berlin and Greenland.


EDUCATION:   Hochschule der KŸnste Berlin. D, Fb. 4 Experimentelle Filmgestaltung og Fb. 6 Spiel und BŸhne 

Professor Herta Schšnewolf (D) & Danish design school, K¿benhavn, tegning og grafik (DK).

PRODUCTIONS ( collected ):

2019 HAVETS VEJE; Sjogvur and Juras Celi - performed at Sudortoy Faroeislands and in Riga (LV)
Mixdmedia Sea Symphony in progress



ANERSAAQ / ANDI / ND - spirit of place, mediecontainer on tour. Bod¿, Finnsnes,(N) Eyrarbakki, Selfoss,

Hverargardi, Reykjavik, (IS) Kulusuk, Kuummiut, Tasiilaq, Nuuk, Qeqertarsuatsiat, Arsuk, Paamiut, Qaanaaq,

Qaqortoq  (GL), Cultural capital Aarhus2017 (DK), Berlin (D).


2015   LYSR Albertslund ( DK )


2011   NIPI & QAAMASOQ SAGA, Gr¿nlands Kulturhus Katuaq, Qeqertarsuaq Museum, Saqaq,
Ilulissat Kunstmuseum (GL), Islands Nationalmuseum (IS)

2009   PLANTS Botanisk Have, Cph. (DK) Nordische Botschaften, Berlin (D)

2008   FORGLEM MIG EJ Nationalmuseet, Cph. (DK) KYNDELMISSE K¯S, (DK)

2007   ZEITGEIST Frue plads, Cph. (DK)

2006   NIPI SAGA Nordische Botschaften, Berlin (D)

2005   SEXTANT Steno museets planetarium, Tycho Brahe Planetarium (DK)
TIL UNGDOMMEN Aabenraa Havn (DK)

2003   NORTHABILITY Nordische Botschaften (D)

2002   ESTAFETTE SON Sp¿ttrup Borg (DK)

2000   CAVE 2000 M¿nsted Kalkgruber (DK)

1999   MORIA Trekroner Fort Kbh. (DK)

TEACHING ART since 2004 HUSKUNST: Kunshochschule Weisensee & Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi,
and schools in Germany, Scandinavia and Kallallit Nunaat (Greenland)


GRANTS: Senatsverwaltung fŸr Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur: Arbeits Stipendie Tonstudio (D)

DET DANSKE FILMINSTITUT produktionslegater, STATENS KUNSTFOND Komponist hononrar.
And Nordic Cultuerpoint,
Kusnstsyrelsen: Statens MusikrŒd, Kulturministeriets udviklingsfond,
Det danske
Kuluturinstitut + K¿benhavn, Arhus, Sp¿ttrup og Fjends Kommuner + Statsministeriet,
K¿benhavns Kulturnat, Nordisk Kulturfond and others.


Visuel Artists: Inge Mahn (D), Ursula Reuter Christiansen (D), Ragna Wehding (DK) og Jeanette Land Schou (DK),
Henning Christiansen (DK), Maria Gradin (NO), Anders Sunna (S)

Komposter / musicians : Jeanette Balland(DK), Kristian Blak (FO), Marilyn Mazur (DK), Claus Hovm¿ller, (DK) Udo Erdenreich (D),
Silbat Christensen( GRL), PO J¿rgens (DK), Diane
Labrosse (CAN), Thomas Agergaard(DK), Zam Johnson (USA)
Henning Christiansen (DK), Henning
Frimann (DK) und Eliane Radiqu (F).

Dancers: Kitt Johnson(DK), Minako Seki (J) & Yumiko Yoshioka (J), INK BOAT (USA), Do Theather (RUSLAND)