Karen Thastum
Udo Erdenreich
Henning Frimann
Thomas Agergaard
Henning Christiansen
Marylin Mazur
Diane Labrosse
Jeanette Schou
Mogens Kjempff
NU Unruh



born 1963 in Aabenraa, Denmark: multimedia artist and composer, slides and multimedia installations, vocal and clarinet.

K.T. has performed on a number of unusual sites with her multimedia projects. She has created scenography, made exhibitions, electronic cafÈ projects a.o. She has received several prizes for her art videos IMAGO and CITY POEM on festivals in Germany, France, Sweden and Holland. Karen Thastum was qualified from HdK (Berliner Kunstakademie) and the Danish Design School (Copenhagen). Since 1990 she has partly worked in Berlin where the artistic melting-pot is a great inspiration to her work.

born 1960 in Bavaria: composer, bass, hurdy gurdy, jaw harp a.o. 16mm installation.

His background is the famous German experimental and action theatre groups "Theater 100 FLECK" and "RA.M.M. theatre" where he was musical director. Since 1985 U.E. has taken part in more than 20 productions and tours all over Europe. At Kulturby 96 in Denmark: STENO (Norbert Stockheim) and IMMEMORIAL (Kit
Johnson). Udo Erdenreichís music is an exploration of musical themes using experimental methods and unusual instruments.

born 1959 in Helsingør: composer, sound sculptures, drums, percussion.

Henning Frimann builts his own instruments and sound installations which are part of an optical artistic appearance. He has composed music for Anita Saij and Nana Nielson, Kirsten Justesen and Lisbeth Hermansen. Since 1985 member of the ìGlobal Guaranty Orchestraî and Tura Ya Moya since 1994.


composer, saxophone.

Thomas roots are in the jazz music but on several occasions he has played contemporary music. In this project, working with Thomas will be an exciting challenge.

composer and visual artist.

H.C. is known as an avantgarde composer in Denmark and abroad. We have invited H.C. to create an inspiring musical and compositional co-operation. Karen Thastum and Udo Erdenreich worked with H.C. on MasnedØ Fort in the art project ìHULRUMî (cavity).

composer, percussionist.

We have invited M.M. due to her lively musical radiation. Her performances on the international music scene are wide-ranging from Miles Davis to Jan Gabarek and latest with her own project "See Song". We believe that she will be the right person to take up the challenge of the particular sounds and echoes of the location.

To Marilyn Mazur, music is something that's simply there. In favourable moments she is a medium who receives the music, and she helps shape it to fit it into her own fantasies and energies, as she describes it. Mazur often tries to combine feelings in a way that's only possible in music. Where pain and sorrow turn into something that's pleasant and stimulating to listen to. The music is great and life-affirming. The listener is led into a marvellous labyrinth, and when he returns he's full of new energy and inspiration.

light design, installation art.

With his sense of detail and sensitivity in the power of light, Mogens Kjempff has designed light for many different performances, not least for theatre and dance groups. He has designed the light for DANCELAB with the choreographer Anita Saij, for Cantabile 2, Kit Johnson and many others. M.K. took part in CAVE 2000 and will design the light for ìESTAFETTE SONî at SpØttrup Castle in close collaboration with the light and media installation.

composer, keyboard and sampler.

With her own label D.L. is an established artist and one of the best-known Canadian avantgarde performers. Her music moves in the energy field between harmony and dissonance. D.L. uses new means for her music: sampled and ambient sounds. D.L. took part in "CAVE 2000"

JEANETTE SCHOU: videoinstallation

ANDREW CHUDY alias - N.U. UNRUH (Berlin)
composer, installation, percussion.

Besides his work with Neubauten, N.U. UNRUH works with a wide-ranging creative and experimental work with sounds and rhythms. Inspiried by bringing the digital daily sound into the "concert landscape". A perfect choice for a sound relay